The benefit of healing the body and mind and the spirit through touch are traditional to nearly every culture. Each therapeutic movement will release stress and tension leaving you rejuvenated and relaxed.

Swedish Massage (1 hour)   $85-100
A blend of high to medium bodywork techniques specific to your needs will help increase circulation, relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation. (with Aromatherapy add $15.00)    
Deep Tissue Massage (1 hour)   $95-110
Experience a deep release of muscle tension with a zoned pressure techniques that addresses muscular kinks, knots and tightness that will also detoxify your body leaving feeling invigorated and refreshed. (with Aromatherapy add $15.00)    
Hot Stone (1 hour)   $105-120
Heated stones are strategically placed to comfortably penetrate tight and sore muscles. You will experience a deep release of muscular stress as your therapist messages you with warm, hand selected stones.    
Prenatal Massage (1 hour)   $105-120
This is extremely effective in easing stress on your body during pregnancy by allowing your body to relax, this may also create a relaxing and nurturing environment for your growing baby.    
Chair Massage   $1 per minute

Enjoy a luxurious escape from a busy week! A massage from our hair salon and spa in Northville MI offers wonderful therapeutic benefits for your mind and body. Make an appointment today!

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